Alternate to Plastics: Emerging Technology Assessment

Novel Renewable Raw Materials that can Replace Single Use Plastics in Wide Range of Applications
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Published: 30 Dec 2018

Piling up of millions of tons of plastics in landfills and other suitable environment results in the release of harmful contaminants in to the soil and groundwater. Leaching of hazardous contaminants in to the soil reduces the fertility of the soil required for agriculture and excessive seepage of leachates also spoils the quality of groundwater. This increases soil and groundwater toxicity, which makes it unsuitable for any human activity. Burning of plastics also releases toxic fumes in to the surrounding environment and this leads to rapid air pollution. Inhalation of poisonous chemicals and other green house gases emitted during air pollution results in the deterioration of human and animal health. The toxic emissions can be suffocative, choking and can also cause several respiratory disorders in humans. Global stakeholders are involved in finding sustainable alternatives for plastics but the efforts so far are facing challenges because of cost and performance of alternate material. The new and innovative production processes profiled in the report eliminate many energy intensive intermediate steps that can otherwise increase the operational expenditure of bioplastics production. The new technologies involved also maintain the recyclable, compostable, and biodegradable properties of the materials used in bioplastics production. The research study has identified the utilization of futuristic processes and sustainable raw materials that will enable the manufacture of bio-based plastics,, which can efficiently replace the synthetic counterparts. The research service offers insights primarily on the following: • Overview on the impact of plastics on human health and environment • Global regulatory frameworks • Technical drivers and challenges for plastic alternates • Emerging technologies focusing on sustainable alternatives for plastic • Analysis of innovations ecosystem • Analysis and recommendations



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