Internet of Medical Things Enabling Hospitals of the Future

Sensors, Wearables, Big Data, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence Create Opportunities for Smart Hospitals
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Published: 28 Jun 2018

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) concept defines a group of medical devices and applications that are interlinked with the healthcare information technology (IT) systems via online computer networks. Medical devices that are integrated with wireless communication technologies provide the benefits of machine-to-machine communication, which is where IoMT comes into play. IoMT devices include a connected ecosystem of sensors and devices tagged around the individual to capture, measure, and identify key data; stratify risks; make decisions; and initiate necessary action plans. The healthcare industry is expected to move from reactive patient care to proactive patient care leveraging IoMT. IoMT supports patients, staff, and healthcare providers at the point of care by the following ways: → Exchanging information and combining communication in unmatched ways → Distributing the accurate information and resources at the right time → Providing boundless opportunities for the growth of smart, efficient, and effective hospital processes. Sensor technology, along with artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data analytics, and Blockchain will drive the adoption of smart hospitals as they provide competitive safety and security advantages and ubiquitous solutions to the patients and as well as the doctor. The smart hospital market is driven by demand for remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management, introduction of advanced smartphones, mobile applications, and fitness devices and advanced hospital infrastructure. Patient data security and privacy concerns, lack of IoT technology skills, and lack of clinical-grade mobile applications have restrained market adoption. Key aspects covered in the technology and innovation report includes the following: → Significance of IoMT in the healthcare sector → Key technology trends and key enabling technologies → Major factors influencing technology development and adoption → Profile of key stakeholders and important innovations → Growth opportunities based on patent scenario and market potential → Profile of business models for sustainable competition



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