Micro-LED – R&D Portfolio Analysis and Roadmapping

Mass-Transfer and High Yield Technological Innovations Create Opportunities in Consumer Electronics, Automotive, and Healthcare
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Published: 29 Jun 2018

Micro-LEDs (or Micro LEDs) are a next-gen self-emissive low power display technology with superior image quality compared to conventional display technologies such as organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays and liquid crystalline displays (LCDs). The key R&D focus area is mass transfer technology which enables commercialization and mass production of micro-LEDs. GaN-on-Si is emerging as a potential technology enabling mass-manufacturing of micro-LEDs. Micro-LED technology enables integration of sensor components layered on the display panel, resulting in more compact and efficient interactive displays. High growth opportunities are observed for display and semiconductor manufacturers. Micro-LEDs can be also used in advanced sensing applications and next-gen communication techniques such as visible light communication (VLC). In the short-term, consumer electronics application such as AR headsets and smartwatches are high impact sectors. In the longer term, micro-LEDs will be integrated into healthcare wearables and used for medical applications such as optogenetics. The technology and innovation report covers the following aspects: → Significance of Micro-LEDs → Applications landscape → Key stakeholders and their competitive positioning [application vs innovation matrix] → Enviornment analysis: Assessment of R&D Portfolio Areas and Themes → Key unmet/market needs → Key performance indicators for R&D Success → Key drivers and challenges hindering commercialization → Insights on research orientation and funding → Patent analysis and innovation portfolio areas → R&D Pipeline and Applications roadmap → R&D and Commercialization strategies → Frost & Sullivan’s Strategic Viewpoint on Growth opportunities



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