Emerging Technologies to Detect Freshness of Produce

Improved Detection of Ethylene and other VOCs to Sense Fruit Ripeness
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Published: 31 May 2018

Advancements in sensor technologies have created opportunities for fruits and vegetables producers to discover a wide range of solutions for food safety and food monitoring applications. Reduction in wastage, optimization of produce, reduction in cost, and adoption of smart devices are encouraging advancements in the food industry. Sensors are playing a vital role in food monitoring and a number of technologies have evolved to monitor the freshness of produce. Apart from remotely monitoring, it is essential for the detection of chemicals for determining the freshness of fruits and vegetables. The research report “Emerging Technologies to Detect Freshness of Produce” highlights the key sensor technologies leveraged for detecting the freshness of produce. The report also offers insights on global products, developments in sensors for determining fruit ripeness and for predicting shelf life of fruits and vegetables during transportation. The scope of the report is focused on sensors suitable for detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs) (i.e., Ethylene is a key sensing parameter) to indicate ripening or decay of fruits and vegetables and also to indicate if a commodity is near the end of its shelf life. The report covers impact of technologies such as Electronic nose, hyperspectral and multispectral imaging, RGB camera, microwave imaging, near infrared spectrometer, electrochemical sensors and calorimetric sensors. Key questions addressed in the technology and innovation report includes the following: 1. What are the various types of sensor technologies used for freshness detection? 2. What are the benefits and applications of the technology? 3. What are the factors influencing the need for sensor technologies for fruits and vegetables freshness detection? 4. What are future growth opportunities for key sensing technologies used for freshness detection?



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