Healthcare Innovations in Emerging Economies

Strategies for MedTech MNCs to meaningfully use technology developments to win in emerging markets
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Published: 27 Apr 2018

MedTech markets are among the most competitive markets worldwide, which are largely dominated by large multinational companies offering a wide range of products and solutions for top diseases. Emerging markets are vital to sustainable business growth and performance of top multinational companies, especially due to the huge patient turnover rates across most reputed healthcare facilities. The trend is evident in countries like India, Thailand, Singapore, Israel, Taiwan and Australia where high patient turnover rates are observed across medical imaging centers, operation theatres and outpatient services. This research service focuses on the need for sustainable sourcing of innovations across emerging economies to maintain market leadership and consistent business performance across competitive portfolios. The research service covers a snapshot of current industry scenario, including coverage of market growth, top companies, major drivers and challenges that are challenging the status-quo of companies operating in the emerging market especially, India, China, and Taiwan to name some. The chapters also cover gamechanging technologies and research initiatives that drive business performance in competitive portfolios. Key questions answered in this research service: 1. How the global medtech industry is segmented in terms of growth, technology change, customer segments and competitive scenario? 2. Who are the top competitors within the market, and how are they performing within emerging markets? What are the factors critical to survival of global companies’, and their sustainable business growth within emerging economies? 3. Is there a strategic framework to address concerns of stakeholders along the value chain? What are the use cases of applying proprietary in-house data within this framework to aid in our internal decision making process? 4. How is the global technology innovation landscape for medical technologies? Who are the major players in the market? 5. What are the key patent filing trends impacting their competitive performance within the global medtech industry?



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