Innovations in Pain Management: A Technology Blueprint to Counter Opiod Addiction

Exploring Viable Strategies to Reduce Drug-Device Competitive Initiatives that can Deliver the Right Value of Care for Clinically Safe & Effective Management of Pain Disorders
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Published: 29 Jun 2018

Over the past several decades drug therapies for clinically safe and effective management of various types of pain, classified as being acute, chronic, breakthrough, nerve, and bone-related have been treated with the use of opioids, NSAIDS, anticonvulsants and antidepressants. However, increasing reliance on their use for prolonged intervals and side-effects associated with the same have led to an increasing demand for drug-alternatives that can improve or retain quality of life of patients while managing their pain. Medtech developers have been addressing these concerns over the past two decades with the introduction of device-based pain management therapies. This research service focuses on the need for replacing opioids and other drug-based therapies for pain control, and underlying implications for various stakeholders involved in enabling the adoption of such therapies for clinically safe and effective management of pain disorders. The research service covers a snapshot of current industry scenario, including coverage of market growth, top players, major drivers and challenges that are challenging the status quo of companies operating across developed and emerging economies. The chapters also cover gamechanging technologies and research initiatives that drive business performance in competitive portfolios. The research evaluates industry collaborations that are bridging the device-drug gap in treating pain. A comprehensive analysis of value chain and stakeholder concerns along the value stream is evaluated in-depth through voice of stakeholder approach. The research service evaluates the value of care delivered by drug and device therapies prescribed today for managing pain.



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