2018 Top 50 Emerging Technologies: Spawning Growth Opportunities of Strategic Imperative - Interactive Deliverable Access

Multi-billion dollar technologies ready to propel industries and transform our world
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Published: 17 May 2018

The Top 50 Emerging Technologies research is a comprehensive analysis of the most disruptive technologies that will impact multiple industries, applications, and regions. This extraordinary and comprehensive research will deliver strategic guidance and actionable ideas on the hottest technologies that pack maximum potential to fuel global innovation and drive commercial growth. The convergence of several of these 50 technologies will open up unprecedented opportunities for new revenue models and spawn next generation of innovative products and services. This research emphasizes several imminent growth opportunities of strategic imperative embedded in the following nine technology clusters - Microelectronics, Information and Communication Technologies, Health and Wellness, Medical Devices and Imaging, Sensors and Instrumentation, Chemicals and Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Automation, Environment and Sustainability, and Energy and Utilities. The study offers in-depth strategic analysis of 50 emerging technologies, including Hybrid Manufacturing, Ultra High Strength Metals, Mobile Desalination, Next Gen smartgrids, Deep Learning, GaNtronics, LiDAR Sensor, Microbiomics and many more. TechVision group’s technology experts continuously gather and analyze deep-dive intelligence on several emerging and disruptive technologies through a vast network of innovators, technology developers, funders, and other players in the technology ecosystems around the globe. The technologies are spread across nine technology clusters that represent the bulk of R&D and innovation activity today. Each cluster consists of a unique group of game-changing technologies that are attracting huge investments, powering cutting-edge developments, and driving the creation of new products and services through convergence. This constant research effort spread across numerous technologies, countries, organizations, applications, and industries forms the core of the process used to generate an annual list of top 50 technologies. This year, over 600 technologies were rated across several criteria, such as regional and industry adoption rates, global IP activity, private and public funding, global market potential, and others to create an innovation index. The top 50 technologies selected for 2018 have the power to drive unique convergence and catalyze wide-scale industry disruptions. This research will empower you with ideas and strategies to leverage disruptive technologies and innovations to drive transformational growth in your organization.



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