Emerging Technologies in Printing

Growth Opportunities in the Commercial and Industrial Sectors with Advanced Printing
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Published: 28 Sep 2018

Printing technologies and equipment are witnessing a surge despite the shift towards green and paperless environments. Electronic paper and digitization have not hampered the development of technological innovations in the printing industry. A majority of the printing technologies have been commercialized and used in the market for over a decade now. However the technological advancements in the printing industry continue with digital transformation. With the aim to overcome conventional printing technique challenges, the printing market continues to grow. Key technology innovations and contributors in the printing industry are discussed in this technology and innovation report along with insights on impact of technology advancements on industry segments. Existing printing technologies, such as inkjet or aerosol printing are expensive whereas screen printing and pad printing technologies are suitable for 2D applications. Hence, there is a need to have printing technologies for 3D applications in a cost effective way where long process chains and complex logistics can be avoided. Innovations are attributed to printing techniques ranging from hybrid printing, nano scale printing, micro dispensing to three dimensional printing for use in industries, such as printed electronics, packaging, publishing, decorative designing, and automotive, aerospace. oil and gas, and so on. The study provides an overview of the emerging technologies in the printing market, and also insights on the sub technologies enabling growth in the market. The study focuses on the trending innovations in digital, inkjet, offset, and 3D printing technologies. Key questions answered in the study • What is the current industry scenario? • What are the market needs? • What is driving innovations? • What are the technology adoption challenges? • What are the industries impacted with advancements in printing technologies? • What is the patent landscape? • What are the different segments within the printing industry? • What are the future opportunities in the printing industry? • How is the innovation ecosystem positioned? • What is the market potential?



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