Breakthrough Innovations in Power Semiconductors

SiC and GaN Drive Opportunities in High Power Electronics Applications
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Published: 27 Sep 2018

Power semiconductors are the fundamental electronic components present in any power electronic device. They have been evolving for 30 years in size and performance. The power semiconductors are capable of acting as a switch or amplify current or voltage which has enabled them to serve diverse applications ranging from logic gates in the computer processors to sound amplifiers. Research and development towards improving the performance parameters of power semiconductors and to determine new semiconductor materials apart from silicon is an on-going process. Power semiconductors are being developed in order to propel the rapid advancements in technology like 5G (5th generation) communication, wireless charging and energy conversion. This technology and innovation report offers insights on the recent innovations in the power semiconductors. The research scope of this research service focuses mainly on the Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductors which are opening up new avenues in power electronics industry as a promising alternative for silicon semiconductors. This research service also offers insights on applications that might evolve in the next 5 to 6 years. GaN (gallium nitride) and SiC (silicon carbide) are two wide band gap materials which are extensively researched in the power electronics industry as possible replacements for silicon semiconductors. Other innovations in semiconductors which will be important from future perspective would be diamond, gallium oxide and their usage in different applications such as high power electronics, radio frequency, wireless charging and 5G communications. Semiconductors are being instrumental in design of any power electronic circuits, advancements in various power electronics domain has impacted plethora of applications at the component level. Power circuits in datacentres will be benefitted from WBG semiconductors to reduce the power consumption. Wireless charging circuit design can be optimized using the GaN semiconductors such as transistors. This report covers various WBG technologies and includes the following modules: • Technology landscape • Applications assessment • Factors influencing development and adoption–Key drivers and challenges • Global trends and innovation indicators • Stakeholder Initiatives and Innovation profiles • Breadth of applications impacted • Technology and application roadmaps showing the future prospect of Transistors • Strategic insights about market and emerging trends



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