Technology Convergence Enabling Future of Digital Work

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, Edge Computing, And Robotic Process Automation Drive Opportunities in Future Workplace
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Published: 28 Sep 2018

Digitization trend can significantly save time of humans and improve productivity and enhance efficiency in business processes. The digital transformation is enabling organizations to cut down costs, analyze large volume of user data for effective decision making and in optimizing businesses processes while improving quality of products and services. Organizations are increasingly adopting newer technologies to drive automation in enterprises to remain competitive and to effectively meet end-user needs. With massive increase in data usage and trend towards embracing the Internet of Things (IoT) concept, AI, Big Data and advanced methods of data processing and computing such as Edge computing and blockchain are key towards driving the trend. Advancements in enterprise artificial intelligence tools for data analysis are transforming various operations and functionalities in an organization. Technologies such as Virtual reality and hybrid cloud storage are in development phase and are expected to enable automation and seamless integration with technologies for more advanced operations at workplace. The technology and innovation report “Technology Convergence Driving Future of Digital Work” covers enabling technologies driving the future of smarter workplace. The report captures information on technology and application landscape, key stakeholder initiatives, and growth opportunities for technologies in smarter and modern workplace. Key questions addressed in the innovation report: 1. What are the key emerging technologies that are likely to have a high impact in the adoption of digitization trend in enterprises? 2. What are the benefits and applications of the technologies enabling digitization in enterprises? 3. What are the key focus areas of technology development? 4. How are organizations impacting the digitization trend in workplace? 5. Who are the major influencers and what are the recent technology initiatives? 6. What are future growth opportunities?



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