Emerging Sensor Technologies Impacting the Marine Sector

Sensors, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence Drive Opportunities in the Marine Industry
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Published: 28 Sep 2018

Marine systems are ocean and subsea monitoring and exploration systems deployed for a wide range of underwater missions and applications. It is accomplished by acquiring data of certain oceanographic parameters, such as biotic and abiotic forms of substances (foreign substances) that exist in the ocean bed. This real time information is sent to the data management servers that are remotely located through a dedicated communication channel. The marine systems leverage multiple technologies, such as sensors and microelectronics, and communication protocols to ensure ubiquitous connectivity of underwater equipment. Such systems carry out long-term missions with minimal human intervention. In the marine systems, the data acquisition and monitoring tasks of subsea platforms are very critical and predominant. The measurement parameters that are required by the research scientists and engineers in the shore can be retrieved through a user-friendly data management system. The marine systems are set up by linking sensor-packed buoys, shore (land-based) stations, undersea monitors, research vessels, and satellites. The marine sector is driven by a high demand for miniaturized, high sensitive and sustainable sensors for enabling autonomous marine vehicle and safe navigation. Sensor technology, along with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data analytics, and IoT- enabled devices, will drive the adoption of marine sensing systems as they provide competitive safety and security advantages and drive development of ubiquitous solutions. The technology and innovation report captures emerging innovations related to sensors impacting the marine sector. Key questions addressed in the report: • What is the significance of sensor in the marine sector? • What are the current trends and key enabling technologies? • What are the factors that influence technology development and adoption? • Who are the key innovators driving developments? • What are the opportunities based on patent and funding trends? • What are the future trends and prospects of the technology?



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