Hybrid Manufacturing: Technology Roadmapping and Opportunities

Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, and Healthcare Industries Drive Growth Opportunities for Hybrid Systems
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Published: 20 Nov 2018

Rapid proliferation of three-dimensional (3D) printing technology in the industrial arena has attracted manufacturers and consumers to adopt the technology widely. Also awareness of the technology has led to the innovative option of merging additive and subtractive additive manufacturing techniques. The hybrid manufacturing technique or system often comprises direct energy deposition, powder bed fusion and milling techniques. Addition of milling option to additive manufacturing provides high quality products with improved surface finish, thus resulting in improvised solutions for design engineers. The technical attributes of hybrid manufacturing overhaul existing conventional techniques and have created footprint in sectors such as oil and gas, aerospace, and automotive. Business models are also evolving toward leasing of machinery, providing hybrid systems as a service in the manufacturing arena. This will increase the bandwidth of industries that the hybrid manufacturing systems service. Aerospace is one of the major industries impacted by the introduction of hybrid 3D printers. The technology is expected to improve tolerances, geometrics, and surface areas. 3D printing itself can enable production of lightweight components. 3D printed metal parts can reduce the weight of an airplane by about 7%. The technology and innovation report assesses opportunities for hybrid manufacturing systems, and provides insights on technology development scenario for the near-, medium-, and long-term. Growth opportunities for hybrid systems in different applications are also assessed. The technology and innovation report addresses the following questions: a) What is the significance and attractiveness of hybrid manufacturing technology? b) What are the key factors influencing adoption of hybrid systems over conventional techniques? c) What are the market potential and key trends impacting opportunities? d) How does research and patent scenario impact development? e) Who are the major companies working in hybrid manufacturing and what is the impact of their development? f) What will be the technology development scenario in the near-, medium-, and long- term and related growth opportunities?



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