Micro- and Nano- encapsulation: Technology Impact Analysis

Advances in Encapsulation Technologies Stabilize Encapsulated Ingredients and Optimize Targeted Delivery in Various Industries
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Published: 24 Dec 2018

Encapsulation is used to preserve/protect various substances within another material at microscale sizes (microencapsulation) and at nanoscale sizes (nanoencapsulation). The material encapsulated is referred to as the ‘core’ whereas the encapsulates is referred to as the ‘shell’. The core material for different nanocapsules differs in size, shape and composition. Encapsulation is performed to achieve specific objectives and functionalities such as targeted delivery, sustained release etc. The need to improve the stability of active ingredients and prevent degradation of the same due to environmental conditions would be the key factors enabling growth of encapsulation. Both micro-, and nano-encapsulation technologies would be predominant in all areas wherein protection and stability of the active ingredient is the key; prominent being personal care, food, and healthcare sectors. Micro-encapsulation is mostly aimed at colloidal and surface properties that provide protection against environment and provides control to the release characteristics of different coated materials while nano-encapsulation exhibits potential to enhance bioavailability, improve controlled release, and enable precision targeting of the bioactive compounds. This research service titled, “Micro- and Nano-encapsulation – Technology Impact Analysis” analyzes the potential of the technology across various applications. In brief, the research study provides: An overview of various micro- and nano-encapsulation technologies. A highlight of various application segments and trends that influence adoption. An analysis of the key factors that influence adoption of micro- and nano-encapsulation amongst various industries. An assessment of various technology developments and industry initiatives. A patent filing trend analysis highlighting key patents, both granted and in application status related to micro- and nano-encapsulation New developmental aspects and future prospects for development and adoption of micro- and nano-encapsulation technologies.



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