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Published: 18 Nov 2016

Blockchain refers to a digital ledger, that is, it is a secure database that records bitcoin transactions within a distributed network of computers. From enabling digital transaction management in car leasing to securely enabling real-estate transactions, blockchain applications are gaining appeal beyond banking and financial institutions to a wide range of use cases across industries. This issue of IT, Computing and Communications (ITCC) TOE provides a snapshot of the key information and communication technology-led innovations that are enabling blockchain adoption and providing competitive advantage to businesses globally. ITCC TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE)’s mission is to investigate emerging wireless communication and computing technology areas including 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Big Data, cloud computing, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, virtualization and the Internet of Things and their new applications; unearth new products and service offerings; highlight trends in the wireless networking, data management and computing spaces; provide updates on technology funding; evaluate intellectual property; follow technology transfer and solution deployment/integration; track development of standards and software; and report on legislative and policy issues and many more. The Information & Communication Technology cluster provides global industry analysis, technology competitive analysis, and insights into game-changing technologies in the wireless communication and computing space. Innovations in ICT have deeply permeated various applications and markets. These innovations have profound impact on a range of business functions for computing, communications, business intelligence, data processing, information security, workflow automation, quality of service (QoS) measurements, simulations, customer relationship management, knowledge management functions and many more. Our global teams of industry experts continuously monitor technology areas such as big data, cloud computing, communication services, mobile and wireless communication space, IT applications & services, network security, and unified communications markets. In addition, we also closely look at vertical markets and connected industries to provide a holistic view of the ICT Industry. Keywords: Blockchain security, digital transaction management, smart trading, cloud mining, bitcoin mining, mobile mining, digital virtual money, digital asset settlement, digital ledger, public ledger, slidechain, digital wallets, digital exchanges


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