Sustainability Trends Benchmarking of Global Automotive Companies

Adoption of sustainability strategies allows companies to mitigate long-term environmental impacts of its activities and provides a competitive advantage
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Published: 27 Dec 2018

Over the past decade, the topic of sustainable development has gained importance across various sectors. The development of this topic has been driven by increasingly stringent regulations in different industry sectors, higher potentials for product diversification and increased public awareness. In the automotive industry, which is in the focus of this research study, sustainable development is of particular importance. Stakeholders of this industry need to not only comply with environmental standards and meet societal requirements, but also maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly-changing business environment characterized by fluctuating customer demands, new legislations and stiff competition. Major global automotive companies have been constantly developing and adopting novel sustainability strategies and tools in order to improve its overall sustainability performance. This research service offers insights on the following: • Profiling and benchmarking of various sustainability strategies developed and adopted by global companies in automotive sector • Overview of sustainability measurement index/tool developed by various companies • Key sustainability targets set by the companies and its focus areas of development • A snapshot of the companies’ alignment towards United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) • Key product development activities related to sustainable development • A snapshot of sustainability certifications, standards and other recognitions received by various companies



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