Advances in Double Walled Pipelines, Oil Spill Cleanup, Digital Oilfields, Enhanced Oil Recovery, and Oil Infrastructure Monitoring

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Published: 26 Jan 2018

This edition of Oil and Gas TOE covers the advances in pipeline solutions for the O&G industry, pipeline monitoring solutions, and modeling for the flow of solvent in enhanced oil recovery. The TOE also depicts the current landscape and the new trends in nanotechnology innovations for treating contaminated water, filters for hydrocarbon removal, oil spill cleaning, and carbon sequestration solutions. Research in the fields of oil spill cleaning and leakage control are very crucial from the environmental impact view point. The innovations profiled provide sustainable, low cost, efficient solutions for the process. The Oil and Gas TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides intelligence on innovations pertaining to technologies, products, and processes, along with strategic insights, in the upstream and downstream processes in the oil and gas industry. The Energy and Utilities cluster provides global insights and intelligence on a wide variety of disruptive emerging technologies and platforms ranging from energy storage, advanced batteries, solar and wind energy, to unconventional oil, bioenergy, geothermal energy, and energy transmission. Keywords: Oil spill removal, nanoparticles, enhanced oil recovery, hydrocarbon removal, water contamination, pipeline monitoring, infrastructure degradation monitoring, digital oilfields


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