Innovations in Virtual Reality for Oil and Gas, Pipeline Monitoring and Leak Detection, Smart Wearables, Digital Twins, and Safer Drilling Tools

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Published: 27 Jul 2018

This Oil and Gas TOE profiles innovations in smart wearables, digital twins, extraction efficiency, and virtual reality for the oil and gas industry. The TOE also focuses on pipeline monitoring and leak detection as well as safer drilling tools. The TOE further covers digitalization solutions that help improve the operational efficiency and reduce downtime for oil and gas engineers such as Industry 4.0 technologies and augmented reality. The Oil and Gas TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) provides intelligence on innovations pertaining to technologies, products, and processes, along with strategic insights, in the upstream and downstream processes in the oil and gas industry. The Energy and Utilities cluster provides global insights and intelligence on a wide variety of disruptive emerging technologies and platforms ranging from energy storage, advanced batteries, solar and wind energy, to unconventional oil, bioenergy, geothermal energy, and energy transmission. Keywords: Leak monitoring, nuclear magnetic resonance, digital twin, rotary steerable system, methane detection, microbots, horizontal directional drilling


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