Executive Analysis of Self-learning Artificial Intelligence in Cars, Forecast to 2025

Investments Worth $7.1 Billion to Develop 12 Use Cases across 3 Broad Applications by 2025
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Published: 19 Sep 2016

Self-learning artificial intelligence (AI) in car is anticipated to be one of the biggest disruptions in the automotive industry. The technology offers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) fresh revenue streams through licensing, partnerships and new mobility services. Self-learning AI in cars is the key to unlocking fully autonomous cars and enhancing value to the end users through virtual assistance. The technology will enable OEMs to diversify from product focus to service focus. This has resulted in 13 key OEMs to invest over $7.1 billion in the development of self learning AI for cars. Frost & Sullivan has recognized 4 levels of evolution between 2015 – 2025, which would lead to 12 use case scenarios for industry participants to capitalize. A total market potential of $78.6 billion by 2025 has lead government bodies, technology companies, internet of things (IoT) companies, new mobility service providers and investors to accelerate the technology development. Frost & Sullivan has conducted research on the market potential, competitive landscape, key challenges, business models and use case scenarios to understand the impact of self learning AI in automotive industry.



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