US Hospital Cybersecurity Market—2015–2021

Healthcare Gears Up to Combat the Growing Risk of Cyber Attacks
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Published: 25 Jul 2016

The report describes and defines the market for various types of solutions (products and services) deployed by US hospitals to protect the security of enterprise information technology (IT) systems and the privacy and security of patient information; covers key factors driving the need to deploy these solutions in response to dynamic industry shifts; discusses key challenges associated with information privacy and security impacting the healthcare industry and hospitals in particular; identifies key vendors that serve the industry; provides an overall outlook for future business and IT trends for hospital cybersecurity; and forecasts growth in spending for the total hospital cybersecurity market and key market segments (products and services) for the 6-year period (2016-2021). The report goes beyond describing the nature and extent of the rise of cyber attacks across the healthcare landscape and the reasons why everyone is paying closer attention to this issue by also providing a deep look at key market dynamics at play over the coming 5 years. In particular, readers will come away with a strong understanding of the complex competitive dynamics that vendors who want to sell into this market face, including a look at key customer characteristics and changing attitudes about how hospitals are evolving their approach to the deployment of IT security solutions . Also included is a review of the changing environment for HIPAA requirements and other market-shifting macro trends impacting the need for cybersecurity solutions in US hospitals including identification of the top 5 solutions designated for the strongest growth. Segmentation: -Hospital Cybersecurity Products -Hospital Cybersecurity Services Key Questions This Study Will Answer: - · What solutions (products and services) comprise the US hospital cybersecurity market? · Who are the key vendors serving this market? · What are the market-shifting macro trends impacting the need for cybersecurity solutions in US hospitals? · What are the specific drivers and restraints impacting the market for cybersecurity solutions used in US hospitals over the next 5 to 6 years? · What is the 6-year spend outlook for cybersecurity solutions deployed by US hospitals? · What are the key competitive dynamics that vendors serving the hospital cybersecurity market need to understand?



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