US mHealth Market and Growth Opportunity Analysis

Mobile Services Shifting to Care and Case Management
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Published: 30 Sep 2016

mHealth is one of the most talked about subjects in healthcare, yet it has struggled from a business model standpoint, market scalability, and general over-hype. It is currently observed that there are low barriers to entry and it is not a sure thing that established market leaders can sustain their position as new entrants or disruptive solutions hit the market in mHealth. In the United States, there is a growing market for mHealth-enabled devices and for connecting the results derived from various sensors and activity trackers. This data can be transformed to support population health and analytics, as well as increasing the interest among health plans, payers, and providers to using mHealth as a solution to monitor or remotely treat complex cases and chronic conditions. This report describes and defines the mHealth market and the developing ecosystem, covering factors driving the need to deploy the mHealth function across a variety of settings. It also reviews successful business models used to provide value among key customer segments, Frost & Sullivan forecasts for overall market growth over a 6-year period (2016-2021); and opportunities within the total market and key market segments as estimated for the forecast period. The research covers key challenges associated with the implementation of mHealth, which include a mix of regulatory, consumer, and performance issues and it makes a clear distinction between mass market solutions and medical-grade mHealth devices; presents a segmentation model; and includes revenue forecasts for the total medical-grade market and by segment. This research illustrates how medical-grade mHealth market segments have emerged based on levels of healthcare intervention and mHealth technology. It also features a competitive landscape that is based on three groups of vendor specialties and identifies examples of companies that are providing various mHealth services and shaping future capabilities. Segmentation mHealth Applications Network Services Medical-grade Wearables Telehealth Services—Care Management; Complex Case Management Key questions this study will answer: Why is mHealth an opportunity for a variety of companies to target as a growth market? What are the market-shifting macro trends impacting the need to deploy new or improved solutions to enable patients to achieve quality care using mHealth in a variety of settings? How important will mHealth be as the US healthcare system progresses to the goal of outcome-based and value-based reimbursements? What are the parameters that qualify mHealth apps to be considered as medical-grade services? Will these devices require FDA certification? What other standards apply? What is the 6-year revenue outlook for the mHealth market?



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