Latin American Enterprise Communications Platforms & Endpoints and Video Conferencing Markets, Forecast to 2022

Enhancing the End-user Experience will Prove Fundamental to Compete against Cloud-based Solutions
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Published: 2 Feb 2017

The Latin American enterprise communications platforms & endpoints and video conferencing markets suffered from a challenging economic scenario and increased competition from cloud-based communications solutions. As a result, products shipped to the region as well as the revenue generated decreased in 2016. Enterprise communications vendors are now facing several challenges, such as the rapid move to cloud-based solutions from small and medium businesses, increased competition from real-time collaboration apps, tough economic scenario, and lack of channel partner capabilities to sell to line-of-business decision makers. Nevertheless, in the coming years, the market is expected to be driven by new generations of workers who demand higher use of technology in the workplace; an expected economic recovery in 2017 that will activate postponed technology acquisitions; the infrastructure, security, and integration concerns of cloud solutions which drive premises-based systems adoption; and the increased adoption of teleworking and remote working that generates demand for powerful and secure enterprise communications tools. Additionally, growth opportunities are still presented to vendors in terms of the following: ·Connected work Consumerization of IT has raised the bar for connected user experiences, especially for enterprise mobile apps. Connected Work is characterized by connected user experiences across devices, modalities, applications, and locations. ·User adoption services Users are so entrenched in the way they work that it is often difficult to prompt them to use many of the features and capabilities provided by conferencing solutions. ·Analytics Rich and actionable analytics are a multi-tier opportunity that vendors have begun employing to up their game. ·Social collaboration Social collaboration represents a key component in realizing the vision of contextual, persistent, collaborative workspaces. ·Video collaboration vision The days of video conferencing as a stand-alone application are numbered. ·Return on collaboration (ROC) Broader than ROI, ROC gauges the impact of collaboration on key functional areas such as R&D, sales, marketing, HR, IR, and PR. This research service provides a detailed segmentation of the enterprise communications platforms & endpoints and video conferencing markets. Market forecasts are provided in units and revenue for TDM PBX line licenses; IP PBX line licenses; UC software clients; messaging platforms seats; IP hard desktop phones; SIP hard desktop phones; media hard desktop phones; TDM hard desktop phones; video conferencing endpoints; and video conferencing infrastructure. Revenue is provided by region, customer size, and sales channels breakdown. Market shares are provided for each segment and region. The base year for this study is 2016 and each segment is forecasted to 2022.



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