North American Municipal Wastewater Treatment Odor Control Market, Forecast to 2021

Service Solutions Set for Growth Under Liquid Phase Segment
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Published: 28 Feb 2017

Muted growth, with select opportunities, is expected for the North American municipal wastewater odor control market through 2021. Growing populations and urban sprawl form the major market driver, especially in warmer climates. The market’s range of technologies and solutions provide a flexible platform to craft specific vapor and liquid phase odor control solutions. Technologies are mature and generally fit for purpose, without major performance gaps, yet incremental innovations and evolution are expected and will provide added features and operations. Customers, by and large, are very price sensitive in this market as odor control is widely considered a cost without adding revenue or process value. Customers look to established market participants for core technologies and services leading to a smaller group of Tier I companies that compete against each other. Predominately, however, companies compete with smaller, diverging technology portfolios. The winning strategy is to carve out a niche and convince customers of the technology and solution’s value, rather than develop a broad portfolio and compete widely. Ultimately, customers depend on a wide variety of solutions as various technologies and products perform best against different odor control objectives. This creates a market where leading participants are not likely to be pushed out or see their market shares subject to volatility. While this market is characterized by its mature landscape, the areas of slower growth generate a clearer imperative to access and leverage what exists and ensure the competition is not a step ahead. This study analyzes the North American municipal wastewater odor control market between 2013 and 2021. The research scope includes: • Process steps in generating liquid and vapor phase contaminants • Market drivers and restraints; total, liquid, and vapor phase market forecasts (2017–2021) • Competitive landscape analysis • Geographic analysis (Canada and United States) • Note: Liquid phase revenue only captures operational expenditures, as liquid phase chemicals are only an operating cost, while vapor phase revenues are segmented into capital and operational expenditures. A wide range of equipment manufacturers, distributors, and other stakeholders have contributed to this research. Key questions this study will address: 1. What is the expected overall growth in the North American municipal wastewater odor control market through 2021? 2. How does the market break down between liquid and vapor phase revenues and technologies? 3. What are specific growth opportunities in a relatively mature market? 4. What are the underlying drivers and restraints within this market, and can they be leveraged to a company’s advantage? 5. What is the current competitive landscape and is it set to change over the coming years?



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