Executive Analysis of North American Connected Truck Dashboard

Industry Handbook for FMS Vendors
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Published: 17 Oct 2016

This research study serves as an industry handbook for fleet management system (FMS) vendors. It provides a market overview covering vehicles in operation, sales and production volume, average annual miles driven by vehicle type, total cost of operation, production/assembly plants, and telematics penetration. This database examines the penetration of telematics into the light commercial vehicle (LCV), medium commercial vehicle/ heavy commercial vehicle (MCV/HCV), and trailer segments. The workbook also provides information on the total number of vehicles in operation by various segments, such as vehicle type, fleet size, country, distance travelled, and other parameters. The aim of this study is to analyze developments in the North American commercial vehicle telematics market and present an outlook of market growth opportunities. The dashboard highlights telematics opportunities created by trends such as mobile freight brokerage, video safety and so on. The dashboard also focuses on class wise commercial vehicle sales forecast, vehicle in operation forecast, Teleamtics penetration split into segment, and fleet wise adoption. In addition, competitors' subscriber base, industry-wise telematics adoption, and fleet type adoption have been listed.



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