Mexican Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Market, Forecast to 2022

Growth Opportunities for Telecom Service Providers
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Published: 2 Aug 2017

This Frost & Sullivan research service on the Mexican M2M market provides detailed market forecasts for lines in service, revenues and price trends, drivers and restraints, and the main industry challenges analyzing the need for vertical-focused solutions. The Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market is poised to grow rapidly until 2022 in Mexico. With high mobile penetration, Mexican carriers are turning their attention to M2M as a new revenue source with significant potential. Traditional mobile operators are implementing strategies aimed at both capturing emerging M2M deals and positioning their offerings to attract future growth opportunities. The research service also provides competitive analyses of participants from 2016 to 2022. As enormous potential of M2M lies in its manifold uses, the research service covers the four top verticals in the Mexican M2M market. These are: • Transport and logistics • Banking and finance • Energy and utilities • Industry Additionally, the study provides lines in service and revenue forecasts and highlights the market trends for each vertical. In this market research, Frost & Sullivan's expert analysts examine the M2M value chain, market distribution channels, and its main three models, among others. M2M taxonomy is analyzed, divided in the key verticals for both types of end users: consumers and enterprises. The main adoption trends for these verticals are discussed, including smartphones and tablets, connected vehicles, wearables, connected health and connected home, in the case of key consumer verticals. As for the key enterprise verticals, the main trends are described for transport, automotive, retail, energy, utilities, industry, banking and finance, government, and healthcare. Additionally, the research service describes the main growth opportunities for companies in the ICT industry, as participants in the evolving ecosystem will become an integral part of the IoT value chain. This includes telecommunication service providers, hardware and software vendors, mobile applications developers, platform and technologies integrators, providers of equipment and machinery, and chipset vendors. As wireless communication infrastructures, service providers, and data management and analytics hardware and software providers are poised to lead the ICT innovation ecosystem in Latin America, strategic imperatives for success and growth are explained. This analysis presents some of the trends that Frost & Sullivan believes will shape, grow, and have great relevance within the M2M industry in Mexico. The study looks at the Mexican M2M market from the perspective of telecom operators that provide connectivity and M2M platforms for services such as managed services. As a conclusion, the research service identifies the opportunities for growth and makes recommendations on call to action.



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