US Hospital Workforce Management Software Market, Forecast to 2020

Healthcare Shifts to a Data-Driven Strategic Approach to Managing Labor
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Published: 31 Jul 2017

Hospitals often face an intricate balancing act in delivering the right clinical, operational and administrative mix of employees to achieve multiple goals and needs of the enterprise. Connecting all the dots for proactive and on-budget workforce strategic planning is almost impossible to achieve with paper-based systems given the increasing amount and type of data inputs needed. Automation is thus essential for smart, data-driven workforce management. As with other industries undergoing significant disruption and transformation, IT plays an essential role in helping healthcare organizations streamline and optimize operations, including workforce management. Workforce management software solutions help hospitals connect limited human resources with clinical needs based on patient population demographics and patient flow. The objective of this research service is to present a comprehensive analysis of the US Hospital Workforce Management (WFM) Software market. The study describes and defines the market for various types of software applications deployed by US hospitals to manage an array of functions related to labor allocation/human resource management including staffing and scheduling; time and attendance; payroll; patient acuity; benefits administration; and personnel management. The study discusses market megatrends associated with WFM in US hospitals; reviews key factors driving hospitals to deploy and/or upgrade WFM software in response to dynamic industry shifts; outlines key challenges faced by hospitals as they shift from legacy, siloed approaches to WFM software to new data-driven, integrated, cloud-based approaches; reviews key vendors that serve the industry; provides an overall outlook for future business and IT trends for hospital WFM software; and forecasts growth in spending for the hospital WFM software market for the 4-year period of 2017 to 2020. Key Questions This Study Will Answer: What types of products comprise the US hospital WFM software market? What are the key features and functions of these products? Who are the key vendors serving this market? What are the market-shifting megatrends impacting the market for WFM software products in US hospitals? What economic, business, and technological factors are shaping disruption and change? What are the specific drivers and restraints impacting the market for WFM software deployed by US hospitals over the next 4 years? What is the 4-year spend outlook for WFM software deployed by US hospitals? What are the key competitive and growth dynamics that vendors serving the hospital WFM software market need to understand?



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