Managed Security Services Market in Latin America, Forecast to 2021

Overall Revenue to Reach Nearly $1 Billion by End of Forecast Period with Security Asset Management and Monitoring Most in Demand
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Published: 23 Mar 2017

The Latin American managed security services (MSS) market generated $455.9 million in 2016 and is expected to reach $936.1 million by 2021, presenting a CAGR of 15.5%. The nature of managed security services is starting to transform. Extensively dominated by asset management and monitoring, many clients in Latin America are showing interest in services that require a higher level of security and risk management, especially through the emergence of advanced threats such as targeted attacks, advanced persistent threats (APT), and larger and more sophisticated distributed denial of services (DDoS). This research examines the MSS market in five Latin American countries/regions—the Andean Region, Brazil, Caribbean and Central America (CCA), Mexico, and the Southern Cone—segmented across four security lines: security asset management and monitoring; threat intelligence, detection, and remediation; risk and compliance management; and advanced and emerging managed security services. The study period is from 2016 to 2021, with a base year of 2016. Although the mindset about security is gradually changing in Latin America, many regional companies remain more reactive than proactive—they invest in security only after being attacked. Yet security threats in the Latin American market are becoming much more advanced. Hackers know that many companies are not prepared, so they find a green field in the region to use for financial crimes, industrial espionage, and data theft. In this changing landscape, customers now want solutions that solve problems, rather than just alert of a “potential” problem. Successful managed security service providers (MSSPs) will demonstrate trustworthiness in remediation without interrupting a customer’s business operations. The challenge and complexity security poses for companies only tends to increase, so successful providers are the ones that stay close to the customers and adapt to unique and changing needs, understanding the vertical they are working within and providing the best solutions to keep end users safe. The study examines the current Latin American MSS market’s competitive environment and looks at the growth opportunities and emerging trends that will affect companies over the forecast period. Key questions this study will answer: • What is the current state of MSS in Latin America? • What is the market`s growth rate? How will it change in the forecast period? • What are the trends driving the adoption of MSS? • What differences exist between the countries in the region? How will they evolve? • How is market revenue segmented by vertical industry? • What types of MSSP services are being adopted? How is demand structured?



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