Future of Flying Cars, 2017–2035

Over 10 Companies Poised to Launch Flying Cars by 2022, with OEMs and Other Major Industry Participants Set to Join them with Prototypes in the Following 5 Years
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Published: 24 May 2017

This study provides a comprehensive insight into the flying cars landscape. It discusses the evolution of flying cars and the need for them today, as well as mega trends favoring them. The technological challenges and supporting technologies to overcome them are included, and the various types of flying cars and profiles of key participants are provided. The study offers an analysis of the current competitive landscape, the capabilities benchmarking different flying cars, and future application areas. Potential business models and a snapshot of related rules and regulations by countries are also covered. The flying car has fascinated humans for almost a century. Attempts to build one in the past have largely been unsuccessful, predominantly due to the absence of key technologies. Advancements in technology in the past decade are poised to make the flying car a reality in the next few years. Flying car start-ups, technology giants, and companies from the ride hailing and aviation sectors are all engaged in the race to develop flying cars. Many have already tested their prototypes, while some have even begun pre-sales of their vehicles. The advent of the flying cars poses a number of pertinent questions pertaining to safety, regulations, privacy, traffic management and key application areas. These questions gave rise to the key objectives of this study listed below: • To capture the evolution of flying cars over the years, till 2017 • To identify the key participants in the flying cars market as of 2017 • To comprehend the major challenges for commercialization of flying cars • To identify the main technology enablers for flying cars • To decipher the emergence of flying car application areas by 2035 • To identify the architecture and partnerships required to support flying car operation in urban areas • To identify new business models for flying car companies as well as automotive OEMs targeting this market • Key conclusions and actionable recommendations Key participants: • Ehang • Pal-V • Terrafugia • Aeromobil • E-Volo • Lilium Aviation • Tactical Robotics • Carplane • Joby Aviation • Malloy Aeronautics • Hoversurf • Kitty Hawk • Aerofex • Cartivator • Airbus • Uber • Xplorair



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