Comparative Benchmarking of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of ICE and Electrified Powertrains

Post 2025, a BEV with 300 Mile Range will Cost Lower than a Regular ICE to Own and Operate
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Published: 12 Sep 2017

With dynamic automotive landscape and various powertrains in the mix, it is necessary for customers and other business in the ecosystem to align their strategy with the cost of ownership of the vehicle. The study is a dynamic model which can calculate TCO (Total cost of ownership) of a vehicle over the time frame of 2016 to 2040. Data for 5 countries (US, UK, Norway, Netherlands, France and Germany) has been analyzed and forecasted including cost of the powertrains, cost the car, insurance & taxes, battery cost per KWh, operational cost (maintenance and fuel expenses), depreciation on the car, incentives and rebates for different vehicle segments till 2040 has been calculated and included in the model. Users can manual set the parameters to calculate the ROI on various powertrains within a given time frame. This tool can be utilized to understand the various costs involved in owing an ICE vs. HEV vs. PHEV vs. BEV vs. FCEV of two different fuel type Gasoline/Diesel for either an individual use or to be used in fleets. The model was developed with a simple user interface with varying parameters covering a wide spectrum of possibilities to understand the cost involved in owning and running a car. Kindly refer to the assumptions and usage guide before accessing the tool.



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