Transformation and Growth Opportunities in the US Next-Generation Sequencing Informatics Market, Forecast to 2021

Pharmaceutical and Molecular Diagnostics Segments to Lead Revenue Growth
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Published: 20 Jun 2017

Frost & Sullivan expects strong demand for commercial application-focused solutions to drive new investments in the development of tools and technologies, and will also result in consolidation of the US next-generation sequencing informatics market. Changing customer requirements and intense competition will drive the transformation. As companies look to develop end-to-end informatics solutions focused on end-use applications, Frost & Sullivan expects a significant growth in mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships. At the same time, given the growing applications of healthcare Big Data tools in genomics data interpretation, the market is expected to witness the entry of several healthcare information technology majors over the next 5 to 7 years. This study, from Frost & Sullivan’s Life Science and Research Tools program, determines which customer segments will emerge as key opportunity areas through 2021. It identifies various opportunities across customer and market segments, determines unmet customer needs, and provides insights on approaches that can be taken by competitors to solve industry challenges. The report offers quantitative and qualitative assessments of revenue growth opportunities and calls to action across the pharmaceutical, academic lab, molecular diagnostics, and hospital lab spaces. It provides details about companies to watch, market drivers and restraints, and growth strategies for prospective market entrants. Key questions this study will answer: What are they opportunities that make this an attractive market with significant future revenue potential for companies? What are the key success factors that will help companies remain relevant and competitive in this crowded market? What do the current and prospective competitive landscapes look like? What approaches are players taking to counter competitive threats? What is the growth potential for NGS informatics across the different customer segments? What innovative approaches will replace current business models to overcome existing challenges?



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