Cloud IP Telephony and UC&C Services Market in Latin America, Forecast to 2023

Vendors Still Need to Prove the Value of Their Solutions to Move up the Chain to Larger Organizations
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Published: 17 May 2017

The cloud IP telephony and unified communications & collaboration (UC&C) services market exhibited a strong performance in Latin America in 2016, despite the highly challenging economic scenario in the region. Competition increased in most countries in Latin America due to the entry of new service providers and because existing participants widened their service portfolios. Solid growth is expected in future, and will be driven by the launch of new services in several countries, hybrid deployments that fuel the adoption of cloud services in large enterprises, and the growing demand for integration with third-party applications and security enhancements. Service providers in Latin America are looking to evolve user consumption from basic telephony to advanced UC&C functionalities, such as Web and video conferencing, persistent chat rooms, mobility and the use of multiple devices, and integration with external applications and devices. The market is also challenged by still-functioning legacy systems that restrain further deployments of cloud solutions. Major growth opportunities in this market include, but are not limited to: Proving the Value of UC&C Most Latin American organizations still have to fully acknowledge the full power of UC&C solutions in terms of employee productivity, faster decision-making processes, and overall greater business agility. Collaboration Capabilities Latin American service providers must enhance their solutions bundles with more collaboration features (Web and video conferencing, multiple devices, analytics, and integration with third-party apps) to combat declining ARPU and gain a competitive edge. Hybrid Implementations Many Latin American organizations understand the benefits of cloud solutions but are also concerned about potential challenges related to security, control, and reliability. Hybrid solutions provide businesses with the flexibility and the convenience of the cloud model, along with the reliability of a premise-based edge device. Analytics Analytics tools help business customers to more accurately assess the value of switching to cloud solutions and to more effectively manage their communications and business processes. Integration with Third-party Applications Mid- and large-sized Latin American enterprises are increasingly demanding the integration of cloud IP telephony and UC&C services with third-party apps, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite, Salesforece and Slack, among others. This study provides a detailed assessment of the cloud IP telephony and UC&C services market in Latin America and offers segmentation for several variables such as geography, customer size, type of license, industry vertical, technology platform, type of access, and market share. The base year is 2016 and revenue and users are forecast until 2023.



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