United States Video Surveillance Market, Forecast to 2023

Smarter Security and Surveillance Technology Enhances Market Growth
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Published: 26 Oct 2017

Physical security and surveillance activities can no longer operate separately from a business' ongoing operations. Surveillance technologies have moved beyond static, passive security operations, where cameras capture video data from security events, alert security operators, and the video data is used mostly for post-event analysis. Modern surveillance operations are now adopting more proactive security technologies, such as surveillance automation, artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and more, in order to better predict security events before they happen and to enact efficient mitigation procedures to halt events before people or assets are endangered. Due to the increasing volumes of surveillance technology and video surveillance operations, the massive amount of data collected necessitates more advanced surveillance technologies to gather, monitor, analyze, and provide relevant insights into these potential security threats. Public sector end users, such as law enforcement, transportation, critical national infrastructure, and airports, as well as retail and commercial end users can all benefit from these advanced surveillance solutions which include cameras, video management systems, storage, and video analytics to offer better efficiency and insight. End-to-end security systems, offering both security hardware and software options, have seen increasing demand from customers in all verticals due to their substantial return-on-investment, scalable and flexible system design, and technological sophistication. End-to-end security vendors will continue to see increased opportunities in these markets as customers continue to refresh, upgrade, and re-design their surveillance operations to meet modern security demands and improve their overall operational efficiency and asset protection capabilities. Research Scope This analysis looks at the United States' video surveillance market beginning in 2016 and forecasted through 2023. It discusses how end users, such as law enforcement agencies, retail and commercial enterprises, and critical national infrastructure agencies, are adapting to their needs for more advanced surveillance technology, what is driving their purchase decisions, and what restraints they must overcome. This analysis also looks at the specific challenges facing each end-user group and what continues to drive increased spending within these vertical markets. It also analyzes the four major technology segments within an end-to-end security system, discussing camera technology, video management systems, video storage systems, and video analytics functions. The analysis will look at specific trends, technologies, and segment-specific challenges affecting overall segment growth and forecast potential growth opportunities within each segment. This analysis will also explore potential growth opportunities within the overall surveillance technology market and what trends and potential disruptions could affect this rapidly developing industry in the short-, medium-, and long-term periods.



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