North American Class 1-8 Turbochargers Aftermarket, Forecast to 2023

Engine Downsizing and Increased Adoption of Turbo Enabled Vehicles in Class 1-3 Segment are Expected to Drive Overall Revenues
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Published: 24 Jul 2017

This report covers Class 1-8 vehicles turbochargers aftermarket in terms of volume (in million units) and value ($ billion) across the United States and Canada. It discusses unit shipments, revenue average price, distribution channel share, and market share. The base year for the analysis is 2016 and the forecast period is 2017 to 2023. The North American turbochargers aftermarket is expected to show an increase in unit shipments in the coming years. Increase in Vehicles in Operation (VIO) coupled with rising average vehicle age will help in improve unit shipments during the forecast period. Legislations pertaining to emissions will be the major driver across segments. Overall unit shipments will experience an increase considering the fact that the market is expanding and the overall market is dominated by few major suppliers. In addition, due to increase in average price per unit, the revenues will experience a marginal growth. Key channel partners in the class 4-8 segment are the OES channel and the warehouse distributors. OES holds similar stronghold on class 1-3 segment as well due to the guarantees and buy-back programs associated with the OE dealerships. Class 4-8 segment’s remanufactured parts will be the major contributor to the overall market. Class 1-3 new parts and Class 4-8 parts are expected to grow during the forecast period. Overall average unit price is expected to increase marginally during the forecast period across all the segments. The major players are Cummins, Inc., Honeywell International, and BorgWarner among others. Remanufactured turbochargers are expected to become the most sought after turbochargers in both the passenger cars as well as the commercial vehicles. This is due to the price sensitivity, competitive pricing, and streamlined processes ensured by the OEMs to attract fleets. As this is a mature market with increasing unit shipments, market shares are expected to remain almost unchanged unless there is a merger or acquisition during the forecast period. Key Questions This Study Will Answer • Total Class 1-8 turbochargers units, by new and remanufactured, by Class • Total Class 1-8 turbochargers revenue, by new and remanufactured, by Class • Average Class 1-8 turbochargers pricing at manufacturer level, by new and remanufactured, by Class • Total Class 1-8 turbochargers distribution channel analysis, by Class • Total Class 1-8 turbochargers major participants market shares, by Class



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