Companies to Watch in Digital Transformation, Global, 2017

Key Decision Making Criteria for IT Investors and Critical Success Factors for IT Solution Providers of AI, Big Data & Analytics, Cloud & connectivity, Customer Care, IoT, Mobile & Wireless, & UC Solutions
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Published: 15 Sep 2017

This study is designed to support the needs of IT decision makers across verticals, as well as companies providing these solutions. We look at relevant critical success factors for each technology or solution that is important to an organization's digital transformation strategy. We evaluate factors such a price, customer service, reliability, comprehensiveness, depth, scalability, innovation, and longevity among many others. Every industry is seeking to evolve in line with changing customer requirements, to enable the delivery of innovative new services, and to improve internal working processes. ICT is the catalyst that is powering this transformation; ubiquitous connectivity, cloud computing, IoT, big data and analytics, customer care, unified communications, and AI are among the core technology groups that are driving vertical market evolution. Understanding who’s who in the competitive landscape is an important step when developing a digital transformation strategy. Since a strong and timely market response will be the key to continued success and growth, it is important to monitor changes among industry participants. This study provides a guide to some of the companies to watch when developing an IT investment strategy over the next year. This information is critical for companies who are investing in IT to better understand which companies to include in their decision-making process. It's also valuable for companies providing IT solutions to benchmark themselves and to understand the critical factors for success. Frost & Sullivan will monitor changes and update as needed. Below is a list of technologies and solutions covered in this study. Artificial Intelligence Augmented and Virtual Reality Big Data and Analytics Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Connectivity Providers Customer Contact Solutions, Services and Outsourcers Customer Experience Providers Enterprise Information Software Wireless Connectivity Providers IoT



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