North American Membrane Bioreactor Market, Forecast to 2021

Industrial Verticals to Stimulate Growth
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Published: 27 Jul 2017

The North American market for membrane bioreactors (MBR) is sizeable and an important region in global terms. Despite its large size, there are still further opportunities with many recently completed municipal projects in the United States. The municipal market is a bulwark in the MBR landscape, but there are also strong growth opportunities in alternative industrial applications in wastewater treatment. These opportunities are present in verticals such as food and beverage, dairy, mining, and oil and gas. There is some concern over the total cost of ownership of MBRs, but falling membrane prices have supported and reinvigorated interest in the market. The MBR market is led by 3 core participants; however, other businesses are growing and market entry by Asian OEMs is occurring. This is a competitive market that is open to participants with a strong value proposition. Polymeric membranes continue to dominate the landscape, with some success from ceramic membranes as they become more cost competitive. The MBR market does often require engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) partners, especially in municipal applications that require an increased level and scale of customization. Competitive factors in the North American market include several areas where participants can improve their positions and look to increase their market share. The overall system cost, not just capital costs but total costs, are paramount to the market. Other factors, though, allow different participants to jockey for competitive positioning. These factors include strong project reference lists that reflect customer needs, suitability of the solution to water quality variation and pollutants, strong customer service, and a reputation and track record of innovation. This study analyses the North American membrane bioreactor market from 2013 to 2021. The research scope includes: • Municipal and industrial customers • Membrane configurations including flat sheet, hollow fiber, and other configurations such as ceramic • Analysis by country (Canada and the United States) • Market drivers and restraints for the 2017–2021 forecast period • Competitive landscape analysis Key questions this study will address: • How is the North American MBR market performing, and what are its future prospects? • What is driving and restraining the market? What are the key challenges for the market going forward? • How is the market structured with respect to geographic opportunities, applications for MBR systems, technical developments, and in terms of how it is served? • In what way is the market evolving with respect to geographic opportunities, applications, technical developments and how it is being served? • What differences exist within the market across North America towards demands for MBR? • What is the competitive situation within the market? Which are the main market participants and how have they achieved this position? How is the market evolving?



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