2016 US HD Fleet Managers’ Voice on Advanced Truck Technologies

Fleet Managers Showing Preference for Service over Product Attributes Indicates the Rise of the Product-as-a-Service Business Model
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Published: 27 Jul 2017

The aim of the study is to measure and analyze the current levels of and the changes in familiarity, desirability, and willingness to pay for advanced truck technologies by US Class 6-8 fleet managers. The study focuses on actionable insights in terms of the purchase decisions of fleet managers, offers insights focusing on key demands, satisfaction, and willingness to pay with respect to new technologies such as powertrain, safety, and telematics. Total cost of ownership, downtime reduction, regulation compliance, driver shortage, and equipment utilization are emerging as the dominant factors influencing fleet managers’ desirability and willingness to pay for advanced truck technologies. Growing awareness, impending regulations, and the enhanced value proposition of technologies that offer multi-dimensional benefits such as data for analytics are expected to drive the market. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers of advanced technological solutions will need to highlight 'beyond-core' benefits to influence purchase decisions.



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