Dashboard of Selected Automotive Aftermarket Parts, Forecast to 2020

Cabin Air Filters will Experience Highest Growth During the Forecast Period
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Published: 15 Sep 2017

This report covers Class 1-3 vehicles brake pads, brake rotors, batteries, air filters, oil filters, cabin air filters, spark plugs, starters, alternators and wipers aftermarket in terms of volume (in Million units) and value ($ Million) across United States and Canada. It discuss about unit shipments, revenue average price, distribution channel share and market share. The base year for analysis is 2016 and the forecast period is 2016 to 2020. Overall unit shipments for all product categories will experience a marginal growth considering the fact that the market is mature across the product categories, primarily fueled by the VIO growth rate and increased vehicle age. The North American cabin air filters has the highest growth rate in terms of unit shipments and revenue during the forecast period, whereas, batteries product category is the largest in terms of revenue market size. Predominantly the major channel partner across product categories is warehouse distributors, except for few product categories such as batteries. Retailers and OES channel the next major channel partners followed by eRetail. Overall average unit price is expected to increase marginally during the forecast period across all product categories. The major players are for different product categories are: Brake Pads - Bosch, Centric Parts, Federal Mogul, Roulunds Braking Brake Rotors - Brake Parts, Winhere Brake Parts, Centric Parts, Federal Mogul, Dura International Batteries - Johnson Controls, East Penn Manufacturing, Exide Air Filter - MANN+HUMMEL, K&N, FRAM Filtration, Bosch, STP, Motorcraft, ACDelco Oil Filter - MANN+HUMMEL, FRAM Filtration, Bosch, Mobil1, Motorcraft, STP, K&N Cabin Air Filter - MANN+HUMMEL, FRAM Filtration, Bosch, ACDelco, Mopar, Denso, STP Spark Plugs - NGK, Autolite, Champion, Denso, ACDelco, Bosch, Motorcraft Alternators - Remy, BBB, MPA, Bosch, Denso, Prestolite Electric Starters - Remy, BBB, MPA, Bosch, Denso, Prestolite Electric Wipers - Bosch, Federal Mogul, ITW Global Brands, Trico, Pylon Manufacturing As this is a mature market improving on factors such as fill rate, application coverage and big customer accounts will enable growth, as major part of the revenue would be through private label brands. Key Questions This Study Will Answer 1. Total Class 1-3 unit shipments, of all the above product categories 2. Total Class 1-3 revenue, of all the above product categories 3. Average Class 1-3 pricing at manufacturer level, of all the above product categories 4. Total Class 1-3 distribution channel analysis, of all the above product categories 5. Total Class 1-3 major participants market shares, of all the above product categories



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