Global Real-time Location Solution (RTLS) Market—In-depth Analysis, Forecast to 2022

Greater Demand for Visibility and Control over Business Will Drive RTLS Deployment Across Industries
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Published: 14 Feb 2018

This study analyzes the total global RTLS market. Greater demands for visibility and control over businesses are driving the RTLS deployments across industries globally. The market is at a growing stage and the growth will come from the government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, retail mining, oil & gas vertical markets. United States and Europe will be the leading controbutor to the market growth and will continue to dominate the market during the entire forecasting period. Moderate to high growth opportunities exist for RTLS system and solution providers, especially for UWB, RFID, and BLE RTLS solution companies. The total market revenue in 2017 is $879.6 million and the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.0% between 2018 and 2022. This study focuses on the trends, challenges, and factors driving market growth. Also included are the products revenue and units forecast, country wise breakdown of each regional, and a competitive analysis. A list of key market participants and their respective market share have been included. The leading global RTLS players are also the top players at the regional levels. The leading players dominate the market and have the most influence on the market performance, technology innovation, pricing, and product features. This research service provides the necessary business intelligence to accelerate growth in a fast-paced market. The key product segments covered in the study include tags, readers, and software & services. The study provides revenue breakdown by vertical markets which include government, healthcare, manufacturing, transportation & logistics, retail, oil & gas, and mining. This study also discusses various macroeconomic factors and trends in the four regions- North America, Latin America, EMEA, and APAC. The key questions this study will answer: • What are the different types of RTLS Systems and Solutions that are in use? • Which type of RTLS Solutions are likely to witness growth in the future? • What are the key end user markets for RTLS technologies? • How does the competitive landscape look for the Global RTLS Market? What are the opportunity areas for existing participants and scope for new entrants? • What are the key market, technology, and economic trends that will impact the global RTLS market? • A comprehensive list of market participants that operate worldwide is provided in the study. The study also discusses the mega trends that will impact the RTLS market growth. This study also discusses the growth of Blockchain technology and how it will impact then RTLS market. In addition, how a solution combining both RTLS and Blockchain can benefit businesses in future.



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