North American Swimming Pool Water Treatment Systems Market, Forecast to 2023

Implementation of IoT to Drive Market Growth
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Published: 5 Apr 2018

The North American market for swimming pool treatment systems is expected to experience increasing growth through the forecast period. Factors surrounding efficient and simple systems, smart technology and controls, and regulated upgrades drive the market. These drivers facilitate a significant progress toward next-generation swimming pools. United States is the overwhelming growth driver for this market, and the largest consumer segment is residential. With favorable climatic conditions for swimming pools, the United States alone holds half of the global market share and is expected to lead the industry globally throughout the forecast period. This positions dealers as important distribution partners in getting products and solutions from the manufacturer to the customer. Although distributors have been playing a crucial role in the marketing and delivery of products, manufacturers are now focusing on building a better relationship with the end users. Additionally, manufacturers are focusing on providing adequate training and support on products. The market includes a range of product segments. These comprise filtration, disinfection, circulation, chemical, and smart system solutions. Within each category, there is a range of products available that satisfy individual customer requirements. While some of these solutions are mature, such as chlorine products and media filtration, others are expected to witness increased attention and growth throughout the forecast period, such as robotic cleaners and membrane filtration. Alternative sanitizing agents such as UV and ozone are gaining market share, as customers prefer to move away from the use of chlorine given its possible toxicity. However, advances in technology are needed for these agents to become mainstays in the market. Smart systems are slowly penetrating the market and consumers are responding to the new technology. IoT technology is promising for pool water treatment systems as the market moves toward predictive analysis. The data captured from IoT platforms will revolutionize the industry. Competition in this market is varied. While there is a group of national leaders, there is a high degree of fragmentation and localization that requires all participants to have a smart distribution plan to ensure that they are as competitive as possible. Mergers and acquisitions are noted in the market as leaders leverage their national presence to further expand their product offerings and customer base. Competition is less defined by technical innovation at the core, but by the addition of value-adding features and ease of consumer access to products and solutions. This study analyzes the North American swimming pool treatment systems market from 2013 to 2023.



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