The Future of Last-mile Delivery Bots

The Global Delivery Bot Market is likely to Reach $16.79 Billion by 2030
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Published: 16 Apr 2018

The logistics market is currently undergoing a major transformation with new innovative solutions determining the way goods are being delivered from point A to point B. The market is witnessing influx of new breed of tech-savvy startups that are coming up with unique business models and services that are largely disrupting the supply chain ecosystem, especially in the last mile. Furthermore, the growth of such startup firms largely parallels those of various emerging technologies – such as Big Data, crowd-sourced platforms, connected devices, and AI – that are likely to shape how goods will be transported in the future. This has eventually prompted service providers to provide for tailor-made, customized solutions catering to the broader issues within the industry. Rising congestion and pollution within cities have resulted in more emphasis on providing for urban last-mile delivery solutions. Roughly, 40% of the overall logistics costs are being spent on the last mile. What is further aggravating the growing issue is that the end consumers have started to become more demanding. Instant deliveries and user experience have started to become critical value differentiators. This has resulted in firms exploring new technologies and services to alleviate some of these growing issues. New service solutions such as click and collect, locker boxes, and on-demand solutions are already underway for the last mile. What is driving the market further is expanding on some of these new services with autonomous solutions such as delivery bot services that are taking it to another level when it comes to last-mile delivery solutions.



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