Latin American Water and Wastewater Industry Outlook, 2018

Total Market to Increase by 3.29% in 2018 Driven by Economic Growth and Political Commitments to Catch Up with Basic Water Infrastructure Through Public and Private Investment
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Published: 19 Apr 2018

Despite great progress over the last two decades, water and wastewater service quality is considered deficient across most Latin American countries. Strong demand for basic infrastructure coupled with regional governments’ commitments to funding water treatment projects will continue driving the municipal water market in 2018 to reach $21.16 billion. With a forecast size of $10.73 billion in 2018, the industrial water market also presents substantial business opportunities. As Latin America’s industrial base continues to develop and become more sophisticated and as levels of enforcement improve, there is increasing demand for water treatment technologies to bring quality levels specific to the industrial process as well as for water and wastewater treatment solutions. Sea and brackish water desalination, as well as wastewater recycling and reuse, are gaining force in both the municipal and industrial sector, driving the usage of membrane systems. Other key business opportunities identified are related to the increasing adoption of packaged/decentralized solutions and stronger focus on efficiency gains by operators through water loss mitigation efforts and energy and chemicals management. Lastly, in a long-term scenario, sludge management and biosolids processing are set to become new business opportunities for suppliers, as the expansion of wastewater treatment systems inevitably leads to increasing sludge volume.



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