Global Critical Power Market Outlook, 2016

Smart Inverters, Wireless Power Charging, and LED Drivers to Push Growth
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Published: 18 Mar 2016

Data centres will drive growth for critical power supplies in 2016, especially modular data centres which are witnessing remarkable growth. This, in turn, is driving demand for modular power supply solutions. Additionally, demand for photovoltaic (PV) inverters is rising steadily due to strong growth in solar PV. 2016 will be a defining year for smart inverters with enhanced capabilities as many utilities, especially in the United States, begin to roll them out. While the smartphone market was the earliest adopter of wireless power charging, wearables, consumer electronics, and automotive applications will drive growth in 2016. In addition, LED power supplies, also known as LED drivers, are the fastest-growing product group within LED lighting, which will spur growth for critical power supplies.



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