Analysis of the African IoT Market, 2016

Strategic Partnerships and Acquisitions Driving Growth
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Published: 22 Nov 2016

The study aims at analyzing the African Internet of Things (IoT) market in 2016. Research Scope This study: Performs an IoT value chain analysis (sensors/gateways, hardware devices, connectivity, platform, software application, service provision, cloud computing, data storage and analytics, device, network, and IT security) Identifies and analyses market trends (technological developments, service utilisation across key industry verticals, partnerships, and mergers and acquisitions) as well as regional trends (for Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa); also throws light on the growth opportunities across key industry horizontals and verticals Provides a snapshot of IoT services utilization across a wide range of industry verticals (fleet management, agriculture, retail, energy, utility services, security and surveillance, banking and insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, smart cities, mining, and building and home automation) Highlights growth opportunities for key suppliers in the IoT ecosystem such as telecommunications service providers, IT service providers, and sensors and hardware providers; it also throws light on growth opportunities across key industry horizontals and verticals Provides a detailed analysis of the role of telecommunications service providers and its impact on the African IoT market Provides a detailed analysis of the strategic partnerships and mergers and acquisitions involving key local and international providers; the factors that drive these partnerships; and its potential impact on the providers Compares the African IoT market trends with those found in developed markets; includes individual market analysis of each of the selected countries based on value chain and key verticals utilising services; highlights the key market drivers, restraints, and enablers for the IoT market in Africa; and highlights the evolution of providers’ roles in IoT and explains the IoT readiness index for each of the selected African countries Discusses strategies and the competitive landscape and provides a growth analysis for IT service providers (Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Dell EMC, etc.), telecommunications service providers (MTN, Vodacom, Telkom, Safaricom, etc.), and IoT vertical solutions providers (Ctrack, FastNet, etc.) pertaining to 2016; also provides a brief overview on the future of the African IoT market



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