European Waste to Energy (WTE) Plant Market, Forecast to 2020

The European Union’s 2020 Renewable Energy Target Will Favour the WTE Market
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Published: 14 Mar 2017

Europe has traditionally been the major market for Waste to Energy technologies. It has always seen a strong and steady growth of Waste to Energy treatment capacities for the last ten years. Circular Economy and EU legislation are the two major factors that have been triggering the market. Although the European Waste To Energy market is set to grow, the speed of the growth is expected to slow down in the upcoming years. Especially, after 2017, the European market is expected to take a break from the rapid growth. This study provides an in-depth insight of Waste to Energy plant market in European countries specifically Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Alpine. These countries employ different instruments for implementing the Waste to Energy solution. It then looks at the Waste to Energy aspect of Municipal Solid waste management and covers the technologies used. Types of Incineration technologies such as Grate, Gasification and fluidized bed are analysed to provide an overall understanding of the dominant technology in the market. The grate technology accounts for the largest share, as it incinerates large volumes of waste. The study also offers regional analysis of the market, WTE applications and its positive impacts. Furthermore, the study describes the critical factors that are influential and also predicts the future of waste to energy plant market. Key Points addressed by the study: • What are the key factors influencing the market? • Mapping of countries in terms of the intensity of drivers. • Waste to Energy market outlook specifically Scandinavia, Benelux, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Alpine. • WTE applications • Waste to Energy incineration technology analysis. • Key market players. Client Benefit: The study will provide an in-depth insight of the waste to energy market in specific European countries. It will give an overview of the market, the number of plants present and the volume of MSW treated using Waste to Energy plants in each region. This will help clients identify the addressed and addressable markets. Companies in each region can gather key insights to help member states, who completely rely on incineration. Furthermore, a slight delve into the Waste to Energy by-products and applications can provide a way to capitalize on the product recovery.Additional insights on growth opportunities, will aid in understanding the tapped and untapped areas of the waste to energy market.


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