Navigation Data Standard (NDS) in the Global Automotive Navigation Market, 2016

European OEMs are Driving NDS Adoption, While American OEMs are Still Evaluating Other Formats
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Published: 1 Sep 2017

The automotive navigation market offers maps in multiple formats; this proves detrimental to the advent of passenger cars with autonomous functions as there is no data standard. Autonomous cars require maps with current information, and as a result, these maps need to be updated a few times an hour. A navigation data standard (NDS) would therefore help ensure the seamless updates of such maps over the air. A standard format enables interoperability and allows map makers, system integrators, Tier-I companies and OEMs to collaborate with ease. The automotive industry is moving towards map standards to enable seamless over-the-air updates; however, there are some challenges that need to be addressed before navigation data standards (NDS) are globally adopted and have a widespread reach. This study provides an introduction to navigation data standards (NDS) and investigates the adoption of NDS in the global automotive industry. It studies the trends and regional perspectives towards the adoption of navigation data standards (NDS)—particularly in Europe and North America. It also assesses the capabilities of key original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers in the automotive navigation space, and their approach to the adoption of navigation data standards. This research also discusses the evolution of various business models and presents key OEM profiles along with the NDS-compliant products supported by them and the strategies employed by them. It also features key automotive supplier profiles with highlights about their position in terms of the NDS Association, company partners, products, map suppliers, and customers. The NDS Association consists of different regulatory bodies, which include the steering committee, technical committee, and working groups. The research lists the potential market opportunities for participants in the global automotive navigation space and strategic imperatives for NDS market participants. This study will also answer key questions such as: • What is the navigation data standard (NDS) Association? • Why are navigation data standards (NDS) required in the global automotive navigation market? • What are the regional differences in terms of adoption of navigation data standard (NDS)?



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