Poland Electromobility Market, 2016–2025

Active Growth Driven by the Government’s Electromobility Plan to Reach 1 Million Electric Vehicles on the Road by 2025
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Published: 12 Jun 2017

This study aims to research, analyze, and provide forecasts for the electric vehicle (EV) market in Poland according to 2 segments: passenger vehicles and city buses, and covering the key industry participants in the developing ecosystem. Objectives: • To provide insights on the current and future stance on the global EV market • To describe historical figures and the forecast development of the automotive market in Poland • To identify the taxation structure on the passenger vehicle segment in Poland • To define the most important drivers and restraints that influence the Polish automotive market • To provide historical figures of the new EV registrations in Poland and the most popular models split • To understand the government plans and vision for the promotion of EV market growth • To draw the ecosystem and identify key industry participants in the EV market in Poland • To provide the outlook for charging station infrastructure and energy generation This study analyzes the development potential of the electric vehicle market in Poland. It provides a strategic overview of the automotive market development in the country, the taxation schemes; and the governmental policies, plans, and regulations related to the evolving EV market and the local industry. It analyzes historical data from 2000 and provides plans and policies until 2025, with the base year being 2016. It outlines various indicators of the EV market globally and in Poland in particular. The vehicle types covered are passenger vehicles (PV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), battery electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEV), and city buses. Key Questions this Study Will Answer: 1. What is the global situation in the EV market and how is it projected to develop? 2. What is the condition of the domestic automotive market in Poland? How are imports and new registration figures developed over time? How is the situation expected to evolve? 3. What is the state of the EV market in the country? What are the most popular EV models? 4. What is the competitive environment in the electric city bus segment? What are the future development plans? 5. What is the condition of the energy grid and charging infrastructure network in Poland? 6. What are the key taxation regulations and government vision to develop the EV market in the country?



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