Electric Vehicle Retail Strategies and Formats in North America and Europe, 2017

In-store Digitization and Innovative Store Formats to Transform Dealership Experience, Poised to Enhance Customer Interactions and End-to-end Purchase Process
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Published: 20 Nov 2017

Electric vehicles are disrupting the industry with their unique value proposition. This has led various luxury OEMs to focus on expanding their EV product portfolio. Although battery electric vehicles and fuel cells are being touted as a sustainable alternative transportation solution, slow rate of adoption can be attributed toward consumer awareness and common misconceptions about electric range and e-technology. Inherent drawbacks hinder the adoption of these vehicles and the primary challenge lies with changing consumer perception towards EVs. Unlike conventional car purchase, EV consumers need to be educated about recharging to HMI solutions the car offers. OEMs need to enhance customer purchase experience and their journey. Moreover, with changing ownership trends with regards to electric cars is forcing automakers to restructure their retail concept. Owing to this OEMs are innovating their retail strategies toward futuristic digital stores and retail models ensuring adoption of VE tools such as VR and AR technologies. Furthermore, automakers are keen on enhancing customer purchase journey through retail strategy integration from various leading luxury brands and through the use of technology. Among performance, innovation, energy efficiency, luxuriousness, and ease of ownership, a strong brand positioning message is required in at least three of the parameters for the EV brand to be successful. Customer centric retail design which will integrate and digitize different platforms to ease the overall process, disrupting the market of EV retailing The segment also needs targeted marketing to women and baby boomers. This study analyses various retail strategies (current & future) of major luxury OEMs. Objectives of the study: • To understand OEM’s brand positioning for electric cars and their branding strategy. • To evaluate their marketing strategies for current and future models. • To capture various in-store digitization trends with reference to electric vehicles. • To understand the consumer journey from look up till purchase and how OEM’s retail features affect purchase decision. • To benchmark automakers dealership staff training and certification. 6.To outline the various leasing plans adopted or devised by OEMs to aid in enhanced consumer experience. Key questions this study will answer: • What is the total market for xEV traction motors till 2025? • What are the various OEM e-motor strategies for various types of hybrid and electric vehicles? • What is the future of eMotor sourcing trends and manufacturing focus of OEMs? • What is the total market for xEV vehicles, forecast till 2025? • How is the region wise market for eMotors and technology adoption till 2025?



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