Growth Opportunities in the Western European Oncology Diagnostics Market, Forecast to 2021

Data-driven Solutions and Co-development are Key Growth Drivers
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Published: 30 Jun 2017

The Western European Oncology Diagnostics Market, Forecast to 2021 study presents an overview of the oncology diagnostics market landscape in the Western European countries, with a focus on EU 5. The analysis provides forecasts for the EU 5 markets, segmented by types of cancer, which include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, and lung cancer. The oncology diagnostics market is experiencing consolidation between the major pharma and diagnostic participants who are collaborating to devise and implement disruptive technologies for cancer diagnosis. The research focuses on highlighting some of the major trends occurring in the market alongside these strategic partnerships. Furthermore, emphasis is on the key challenges in the European market in terms of regulations pertaining to companion diagnostics for cancer detection and monitoring. The deliverable outlines some of the major drivers and restraints, impact analysis of major growth opportunities, as well as market engineering measurements. With early detection being a key imperative in oncology diagnosis, the study highlights some of the major technology trends in the market with the application of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data as well as Liquid Biopsy and Next Generation Sequencing, which are expected to reduce the turnaround time for cancer detection, thus speeding up the treatment uptake. Emphasis is given to the emerging biomarkers across the types of cancer, which are expected to aid in faster and easier diagnosis of the disease. Furthermore, analysis is provided for the key participants that are working towards devising new solutions which help to detect these biomarkers, thereby supporting accurate detection and monitoring. In addition to the key participants across the market, new market entrants by different cancer types have been profiled. Some of the key questions answered by the study include: • How is the market attractiveness for oncology diagnostics building up over the years? What is the future market potential? • How is the adoption of technology affecting the European oncology diagnostic market? • Which are the disruptions affecting the value chain equilibrium? • How are the new technology trends impacting service providers? • How is the changing economic scenario affecting the regional market? Which are the most opportune markets in Europe? • What is the application of companion diagnostics on the overall market? How is it expected to impact the market over the next few years?



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