Analysis of Asia Pacific Secure Content Management Market CY2010

SCM (e-mail and web) is likely to play an important role in facilitating business processes.
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Published: 23 Nov 2011

The APAC Secure Content Management (SCM) market regained its growth momentum in 2010, following a relatively sluggish 2009, as the market recorded a double-digit growth on a YoY basis. With e-mail security being a relatively mature segment in APAC, most of the growth was driven by rising demand for Web security solutions in the face of enterprises migrating processes over to the Web. The SCM market in APAC is likely to witness strong growth in during the forecast period. The adoption of e-mail security solutions remained relatively slow in APAC, as the highly saturated adoption of e-mail security meant that the growth momentum was somewhat dampened. In addition, the segment was rapidly turning into a replacement market.



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