APAC Molecular Diagnostics Market, Forecast to 2021

Pharmerging Economies with Rising Healthcare Demands will Accentuate Growth
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Published: 23 Mar 2017

The molecular diagnostics (MDx) market in APAC is witnessing rapid growth due to two main factors: the high adoption of MDx tests for infectious diseases applications in emerging countries, and the advent of innovative diagnostic solutions in cancer and NGS based solutions that are gaining pace in Asia. Multinational companies have not only identified Asia as a market for future growth but have significantly invested in R&D efforts to cater to the Asian population. Genomic studies on Asian population in disease areas like oncology for targeted therapies are constantly on a rise, with active efforts from pharmaceutical and IVD companies. The rise of the private healthcare sector in Asia, with the improvement of socio-economic conditions and the growth of a wealthy middle class, has increased the quest for affordable and quality healthcare across the region. The total MDx industry has been segmented into 4 major areas: infectious diseases, oncology, genetic disorders, and pharmacogenomics. The APAC MDx market was worth $1.72 Billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $2.86 Billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 10.7%. Infectious disease represents the highest market share of 72.0%, followed by oncology (14.3%), genetic disorders (10.0%) and pharmacogenomics (3.7%). Cancer incidence has gone up significantly in Asia. Under genetic disorders, non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) has great potential with excellent opportunities for future growth. On the technology front, conventional PCR technology is being upgraded with multiplexing capabilities and introduction of automated solutions to cater to high volumes. NGS solutions are gradually making inroads into Asia, especially in developed markets like Singapore, Japan, and South Korea. This study highlights the growing prominence of MDx industry in Asia, regional trends, growth opportunities, competitive dynamics, and a regional chapter for each of the 11 countries covered in this study. Area of opportunity in MDx market in the APAC: • The MDx market in the APAC is evolving with increasing access to established NATs in emerging countries as a result of revamped healthcare practices across the region. • Oncology care has taken a new dimension in APAC, with the simultaneous rise in prevalence and demand for innovative drugs beyond conventional chemotherapy drugs. • CDx based oncology drugs are on the rise in the region, with studies targeted for Asian population to demonstrate value. For example, Ono Pharmaceutical’s research on identifying a CDx for Opdivo, introduced in 2014 to stratify patient population. • Novel genomic tools and technologies are foraying into the APAC to harness the future growth opportunities in the dynamic healthcare ecosystem. Key questions this study will answer: • What is the impact of MDx on the IVD industry, given the present healthcare scenario in the APAC? • Who are the key industry participants in this highly fragment market? • What are multiple factors impending the growth of MDx in the APAC? • What are the service delivery models adapted by stakeholders across this region? • What are the market access strategies for MDx companies aspiring to enter the APAC? • What is the future of the molecular diagnostics market in the APAC?



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