Australian Edutech Market—Key Trends, Technologies, and Opportunities, Forecast to 2022

Digital Transformation is Accelerating Innovation Across Institutions
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Published: 28 Jun 2017

The Edutech market is predicted to grow at a CAGR of 3.0% during 2016–2022 from A$1.45 billion to A$1.73 billion. This growth will be driven by changes in the demand of the student body which is requiring a more digitised and seamless learning and campus experience, greater competition amongst universities, as well as increased participation in tertiary education, requiring institutions to adopt technologies to effectively meet learning outcomes. The education technology market is set for considerable growth and transformation over the coming years. Key innovations and developments will occur in areas such as learning management systems, Big Data analytics for learning and campus management, conferencing solutions, and augmented and virtual reality products. Major Technology Sectors Covered in this Study: • Learning Management Systems: Online digital learning platform that manages all aspects of the learning process between students and teachers • Massive Open Online Courses: Free-to-access online academic courses designed for large audiences with potential for certifications and university course credits • Conferencing: Audio, video, and web live online communication for lectures or project collaboration delivered to students on campus or studying remotely • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality: Headset devices used to create or alter physical environments for the purposes of entertainment or study • Big Data Analytics: Descriptive or predictive quantitative analysis programs used for enhancing teaching activities and campus management • Artificial Intelligence: Advanced processing systems capable of self-learning, speech recognition, and predictive analyses A top-down approach has been used to calculate total IT expenditure across universities, and to project the future growth of this spending. These estimates have been sourced from secondary data combined with insights collated from qualitative interviews. Market estimates, growth estimates, and segmentation are based on existing data sourced from secondary research, combined with data gathered from interviews in 2016. Secondary research includes Frost & Sullivan’s internal database, industry reports, market databases, trade journals, industry literature, Web-based materials, and annual reports. Key insights presented in this study were obtained from primary data, obtained through telephone and face-to-face interviews using a semi-structured discussion guide. The discussion guide included closed and open-ended questions to obtain quantitative data, as well as qualitative feedback from technology vendors, telecommunications providers, system integrators, IT directors, CIOs, and university IT staff.



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